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Trade Products
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All Displays are Made in JAPAN.

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Display for Exhibition
Exhibition 1 Display No.1
 Left image is display for exhibition.  We make all kind of display as you have requested.

Exhibition 2 Display No.2
 Left imageis another one.

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Signboard for The Shop

Signboard Signboard
 We are preparing the signboard that corresponds to all shops.
 A left photograph is a signboard of an individual shop.

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Name Plate

Name Plate Color Name Plate
 The character and the color are coordinated according to the customer's demand.

Name Stand Name stand made of steel
 The name stand prepares made of the acrylic fiber and made of steel.

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Presentation of Display

Presentation Presentation of Display
 An original present can be made in the presentation goods in the company and the premium in the event.

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Display of Cosmetic

Cosmetic Cosmetic
 The greater part of displays made of KYOWA are occupied in the cosmetics counter at the department store in Japan.

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Original Key Ring

Key Ring Original Key Ring
 We produce only one key ring in the world. It is an original chiefly key ring for the enterprise.

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Institutional and Individual Rack

Rack Rack
 We produce the rack the same as the demand.
 Our product can produce the rack with a very good externals because it completely uses neither the nail nor the screw.

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